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5 Things You Didn't Know About The District by Hannah An

March 04, 2016

Since its opening, The District by Hannah An has become a bastion for fine dining of authentic Vietnamese fare; however, there are various undiscovered facets to the restaurant that very few are privy to. In honor of The District by Hannah An’s new Spring menu created by Hannah An herself, Here are 5 fun facts from the refined restaurant which is influenced by thousands of years of Vietnamese culture.

1. The District by Hannah An has a secret entrance. Reserved for celebrities and VIPs, the Vietnamese restaurant has a special entrance designed for those who want to enter or exit the restaurant undetected and paparazzi-free which have included Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul, Harry Connick Jr, and Tyler Posey, to name a very few.

2. The doors and bar tables are over a 100 years old. Imported from Vietnam, the smooth, weathered-down wooden doors and bar tables at The District by Hannah An were used to decorate the doorways of Vietnamese homes for over a century.

3. There are secret menu items that involve Hannah An’s highly guarded secret cooking methods. The King Crab Legs and Fillet Mignon are exquisite dishes known to select VIPs made with Hannah’s secret sauce of which not even members of her culinary team are privy to.

4. Hannah An’s son and daughter will expand the brand and family name on the east coast. In 2017, the An scions open a fast casual restaurant concept of their authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

5. The District by Hannah An’s mixology bar features R??u N?p C?m (sticky wine rice) and S?n Tinh (rice liquor), very rare spirits imported from Vietnam.

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