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14 eateries you have to try at dineL.A.'s Restaurant Week
By Carole Dixon, LATimes.com

July 09, 2015


The District by Hannah An (Vietnamese) 8722 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, 90048; (310) 278-2345

Behind an old door on Third Street, Hannah An (of the Crustacean family dynasty), is now cooking her blend of modern-meets-traditional Vietnamese food. The menu encompasses spicy, sour, bitter, salt and sweet – the five elements of her native cuisine. The namesake lobster dish has already become a classic. Hannah’s own homemade noodles are also a staple, and thankfully, featured on the dineL.A. menus for both lunch and dinner. For cocktails, try the Face Down in Saigon with Don Amado Reposado mezcal.

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